At Bay State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu we take pride in giving you the best possible training experience. One way we do that is by having a fair, simple, transparent membership structure. We believe that awesome Jiu-Jitsu and good people will keep you training and learning, not contracts and fees.

Training Options:

-Adult Unlimited Training-$150/month

-Kids Unlimited Training-$130/month

  • No contracts.
  • No sign-up or cancellation fees.
  • No belt promotion fees.
  • No academy gi (uniform) purchase requirements.
  • All memberships include unlimited classes.

Active Duty/First-Responder discount

Active duty military/first-responders (EMT/Medic/Fire/Police) pay only $99/month for unlimited training.


Memberships may be put on hold for vacation/illness/injury/work travel or any other reason. Minimum membership hold duration is 14 consecutive days. Hold requests must be made via email.